GateWars NewGrounds Rules and User Guide

Account ownership rules

The following rules apply in regards to the ownership of Newgrounds accounts:

  • If you own an NGMain account, you own the NG account (regardless of whether it is on vacation or not). If you do not have the login details to your NG account, you can have them set to whatever your NGMain's login details are.
  • An NG account under level 25 is owned by the one who has the login details.
  • Activity status of an NG account is not relevant to whether or not you have an NG account. An account on vacation mode is still owned by you, and you can own only one NG account.
  • You can own only 1 (ONE) NG account. Further accounts created will be deleted.
  • Contrary to in the past, these rules will be enforced. (Consequences include, but are not limited to, loss of covert levels on your current NGM or Main, whichever will send the clearest signal.)
  • Ignorance is no excuse.
  • You can buy someone's NGM, NG and (if applicable) NGA account (as a package), unless you already have either an NG, NGM or NGA account.

These rules supersedes all previous expressions in regards to this question.
All previous transgressions against these rules are pardoned, all current transgressors will be given
1 week (7 days from March 11th, 2014)
to dispose of any applicable secondary accounts, after which these rules will be fully enforced.

In general, we have attempted to use the ingame contextual help, designated with a "?" icon, to assist where and when needed.
Hovering over the "?" will produce a small 'mouseover popup' that explains the term/number/options of the item in question.
The basics, though, are to build up a military with units and weapons (training / armory pages); attack others (ranks page) to gain their resources; then build up more military.
Note that you need motherships to get you to an enemy planet, and to bring home their naq (100,000 naq per ship).
MOST IMPORTANTLY: your 'unit production' (on training page) determines the population growth of your realm. More units = more income = more military = more ability to get more resources .
So ensure that, to start at least, you put at least half your gained income into unit production --it WILL pay off in the long term.

For reference, below is the welcome message that each account gets on registering:

Hi and Thank you for registering to play!
There is much here, but it breaks down into 4 main categories:

1) REALM GROWTH and income.
This is key at the start. Especially population, as it both generates income, and provides units to train into army or covert.
It is also ongoing and un-removable...once you have population growth established, it returns units every day/turn without additional cost.

**In the `Training` area (click `Training` on left nav) there is an area, called `Current Unit Production`. This is the daily population growth, per day, of your realm. The more population (untrained) you have, the higher your income. Put at least half of your income towards this for a while.

Attacking gets you currency. currency is used to buy everything. Attacking may be the best -and is certainly the quickest - way to get currency to grow.
Remember that motherships are needed to bring the currency back home!

To attack you will need Attack units (ideally... bought in `Training` area) and attack weapons which can be bought in the `Armory` area and Attack Turns (or just Turns) which generate each 30 minutes.

After each attack, your weapons degrade a bit, so it is worth repairing them (also in `Armory` area) or they will disappear.

Once ready, click `Universal Ranks` on the left nav, and you will be brought to those armies ranking in your range. Feel free to attack them, or go for weaker opponents.

Although not necessary at the start, if you get a decent income, others will try to take it. Build defense units (in `Training` area) and purchase Defense weapons (`Armory` area). When others attack you, you will automatically defend. Remember to check in periodically to repair your defense weapons in case you were attacked.

This allows you to see aspects of other realms. From the `Attack` or battlefield area, you can see others currency and army sizes if you covert score is big enough. You can also `spy` on them, to get more information. Likewise, a high Anti-covert stops other realms from seeing your information. You need 20 percent of your opponents Anti-covert to see their army size and 50 percent to see their currency. The other way, you need 5x the enemy covert in anti-covert to hide your army, and 2x their covert in anti-covert to hide your currency available.

Everything else:
Ranking is done on each stat independently: then the stats ranks added up and the one with the lowest total gets game rank #1.
There is training and technology you can acquire to grow the above stats stronger.
There is attack and covert history to keep an eye on.
There is the forum.

There is the rest of the realms to worry about!
You will find that although the concepts are simple, and it is easy to get going, the game can get as complicated as you are willing to have it!!

Good luck!
Impersonating a game official (Admin, Game Mod, Game Cop, or any variation) will result in account deletion and exclusion from the GateWars-games (Main, Ascended, Quantum, Newgrounds).